Watching Over II

I spent Saturday
with Dad.
He had forgotten
I was coming,
tho I had reminded him
ninety minutes before.
He was already in the dining room,
eating with his friend Virgil,
so I joined them.
The talk was of being a foot soldier
in France and Belgium in World War II.
Later Dad and I hung out in his apartment,
doing some random chores.
Mostly we chatted.
I organized the currency in his wallet,
since he now has a difficult time of it
when it comes to counting money.
Late in the afternoon the sun came out,
so we decided to take a short walk
in the 30-degree springtime air.
We Millers call this “getting out a bit
to blow the stink off.”
I zipped up Dad’s winter coat
and helped him with his gloves,
before I donned my insulated jacket.
Then we ambled outside.
Less than a minute into our walk,
he turned to me and asked,
“Are you warm enough in that coat?”
“Yes, Dad, quite warm.”
He nodded.
We took a few more steps
before he stopped again.
“Now, you’re wearing gloves, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Dad, I am. Leather ones, like yours.”
He nodded again.
A few more steps.
“You’re okay without a hat?”
“I’m fine, Dad—I seldom wear one.”
He studied my balding head.
“I just don’t want you to be cold.”

I’m Dad’s 62-year-old little boy.
He still wants to protect me,
tho he can barely protect himself anymore.
He wants to guide me
in that quiet, loving way that is his,
tho he requires guidance himself at every turn.
He’s still watching over me,
while I am learning to watch over him.
I assume it will be that way
for quite a long time.
As in, eternity.

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One Response to “Watching Over II”

  1. Christen Says:

    Beautiful piece, Dad.

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