Respite IV

Apart and together.
That’s what helps.
All caregivers need,
and certainly deserve,
a break from duties.
Time apart.
The chance to rest, refresh, refill.
If we number more than one,
then our caregiving team will benefit
from having time apart together.
Then we can relate as unique individuals,
not just as fellow caregivers.
We can do things with each other
unrelated to our caregiving duties.
If we talk about our caring responsibilities,
we can do so privately, leisurely,
perhaps more candidly.
We can become more united
in what we’re doing,
more clear, more sure,
maybe more dedicated.
These are not empty words.
My siblings and I just spent fours days
at our brother Tony’s wonderful place
by the ocean in Florida.
Dad wasn’t with us,
and yet he somehow was.
We missed him,
and it was also important
to have some time without him.
Today we return to our homes

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One Response to “Respite IV”

  1. Peggy Garrett Says:

    Dear Jim,
    This is Peggy Garrett and you would know me through St. Paul’s UMC. I am so pleased to have found your web sit The Thoughtful Caregiver. I recognized the picture of your father and had to read on to see why Herman’s picture was on this web site. Your work is beautiful and meaningful. I am the Executive Director of Cancer Services ECI – Little Red Door in Muncie. We are expanding our services to caregivers and I was looking for images we could us on our web site. We have already linked your site for our clients to find. I am asking permission to use some of your images from time to time on our pages. I love your work and it would have special meaning if we could use it. Thank you. Peggy

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