Our ABCs

Recently I came across
some ABCs about various subjects.
“Hmmm,” I thought.
“I think I know a subject
that deserves its own ABCs.”
So after a bit of reflection,
here they are:

Accept what is.
Be you.
Converse with someone
who understands.
Dare to ask for
what you need.
Embody patience.
Forgive mightily, including yourself.
Gather possibilities.
Hope unconditionally.
Include feelings unfailingly.
Kiss the joy as it appears.
Listen with eyes as well as ears.
Make time for yourself.
Name your blessings.
Open soul to soul.
Pamper yourself without apology.
Quicken your intention.
Rub elbows with nature.
Sing your song to the stars.
Touch, yes, do touch.
Unwind often and well.
Venerate the other, yourself, everyone.
Wake up to each moment.
eXpect serendipities.
Yield total control.
Zero in on the love.

Click on this image to enlarge it. Then right click to print it, send it to another, or use as your desktop wallpaper.

Please select this LINK for a printable version of this image.

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