My wife Bernie had
foot surgery last week.
She has been sporting
a huge wrapped bandage
and a stylish blue boot.
At first she was on a walker
and for a couple of days
she looked a little blue-green
around the gills.
This week she’s coming along nicely.
Yesterday a friend asked me,
“How’s the caregiving going?”
I replied, “It’s goin’ easy.”
And it is.
It’s felt like hardly an effort
to prepare whatever meals I’ve prepared,
to do whatever extra chores I’ve done,
to help her with the little things she needed help with.
In fact, I rather enjoyed our different routine,
this extra closeness we’ve shared.
It’s been easy.

Not all caregiving is like that,
as we’re all aware, sometimes painfully so.
Hard caregiving, demanding caregiving
is more the order of the day
for a very large number of us.
Still, for a moment here, I want to voice this truth:
some caregiving is a breeze.
Shorter-term caregiving, perhaps.
Caregiving that progresses toward a sure return to health.
Caregiving, as is our case this week,
that promises a relief from pain
that has plagued the other.
Caregiving that gives people who enjoy one another
the opportunity to enjoy one another some more.
There is also another reality.
In the midst of any trying and tiring caregiving,
sometimes there are easier days,
or more loving experiences,
or unusually fulfilling moments,
without any of that being programmed at all.
Whenever caregiving comes like this, naturally and lightly,
whatever the causes,
and however long the feeling lasts,
it’s worth our nodding and adding this quiet word:

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One Response to “Easy”

  1. Carol O'Dell Says:

    Beautiful poem and the graphics add a nice touch.
    I can tell you are cherishing this experience.

    ~Carol O’Dell

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