Sidney Winawer, M.D. specializes
in gastrointestinal cancers
at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
His book Healing Lessons is the story
of his wife Andrea developing
a carcinoma of the stomach.
When traditional treatments proved ineffective,
she sought out alternative therapies
with varying degrees of success.
As a physician he resisted this course of action,
but as her husband and caregiver
he came to support her efforts
as she explored all possibilities for healing.
Together they boldly hoped and vocally prayed
for a remission from cancer,
while pursuing those non-traditional treatments
that seemed to hold promise.
He concluded the book’s introduction in this way:
“[T]he miracle you hope for
is not always the miracle you receive.”

In some of our cases,
we caregivers and those in our care
are hoping for miracles.
The odds are against us,
but we are not giving up.
The possibilities may be limited,
but they are not nonexistent.
Even if others don’t understand our persistence,
we hold unshakably unto hope.
Miracles are possible—we never doubt that.
For Andrea and Sidney,
the miracle they sought did not come to be.
But that does not mean
that a miracle did not happen.
As he writes near the end of his book,
their love was transformed by their experience.
They became closer than they imagined possible.
They learned to live life to the very fullest,
and with a new-found zest.
She became more independent,
more her own person.
He became much different as a doctor,
more open and caring.
A miracle happened to them,
even if it was not the one they hoped for.
The same can be true for any of us,
caregivers and care receivers alike.
Miracles do happen.

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One Response to “Miracles”

  1. Jack Says:

    As a caregiver and in other parts of my life I really can relate to the different miracles that we receive. Sometimes you really need to be open inorder to receive these miracles. You really need to be ready.

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