Not Alone

On any given day,
more than 25% of all Americans
provide care for a chronically ill,
disabled, or elderly family member
or friend.
That’s 50 million caregivers!
Over 60% work outside the home.
Almost one in five family caregivers
gives 40 or more hours of care a week.
The majority are women,
but the number of men is increasing,
rising to over 40% of the total.
One-third of the caregivers of older people
are themselves over 65.
1.4 million children under the age of 18
provide daily care for an adult relative.

Sometimes it’s easy for us caregivers
to feel as if few others are going through
what we’re going through.
We cannot see inside all the homes
where we live to know which ones
shelter active caregiving.
Because of the nature of family caregiving,
such people may not be often seen
in restaurants, stores, and theaters,
nor do they regularly appear
enjoying the out of doors.
In many cases the illness or incapacitation
limits what’s possible, not just
for the one receiving care
but for the one providing care.
Caregivers’ lives are seldom written about,
seldom portrayed in the media,
seldom highlighted or validated
in any significant public way.
Yet the truth is there are many of us,
even if we cannot see or know one another.
Even if we feel isolated
as we go about our days as caregivers,
it’s important to know
that we are not all by ourselves.
There are others like us, many others.

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3 Responses to “Not Alone”

  1. dailystitches Says:

    This is a lovely site. I found it through Katherine Misegades’ blog. I’ve already passed the link along to a friend who is a caregiver.

  2. Charlotte (Misegades) Griffin Says:

    My dear cousin, Katherine, is also the reason I found this site. She sent me the book you and your daughter wrote and she illustrated. It has been so helpful. I am in the process of being a caregiver for my terminally ill best friend and husband. Thank you, for your insights.

  3. Daniel "Danny" B. Lehrman MSW Says:

    Hello, I am a soial worker; love the picture; may I use it with reference on a oage that provides support to grandparwents who take care of their grandchildren?

    Daniel 561.503.1403
    Wellington, FL. 33414

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